A Hot Spy Tale Gone Really Wrong

Spies, getting sensuous.

Pic: Simon D. Warren/Corbis

This is the material of James Bond or … really,


terrible porn: A 5

6-year-old police

in Spain was detained for persuading ladies to own gender with him as part of an artificial « spy training » procedure.
Based on the


, the guy targeted unmarried and divorced women, informed all of them he was a « spy employer, » amazed all of them with a collection of monitoring gear, right after which « persuaded them to execute intercourse functions on him … claiming that they had to show these people were capable of doing everything from inside the collection of duty. »

This really is all sad and gross enough, but to help make issues weirder, the guy’s efforts happened to be assisted by their gf, whom presumably assisted him discover their prey then took their own jewellery and money privately. About eleven victims from the past 12 months were determined up until now.

The guy, whoever complete name is not disclosed, offered this amazing reason:

[He] mentioned he’d done nothing illegal but was just acting-out a « fantasy » that numerous women appreciated.

Oh, so they really were


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